Beard Season is Upon Us: Tips For Achieving and Maintaining the Ultimate Beard

Beard season is upon us! There are levels to this beard thing. Keeping your beard in tip-top shape takes the right cut and care. (Who knew?! I didn’t!) For the fellas, I’ve decided to ask a few men with awesome beards for tips on achieving and maintaining them. For the ladies, enjoy the awesome beard eye candy and pass the tips on to the men in your life.


Twitter: @ImSuperDope_

“I just grow it and that’s it. No tips on that. I take biotin for healthy hair growth and I use oils for my beard.”

Which kinds of oils you ask?

Check out


Twitter: @LukeBarberr

“Always use the top of your Adam’s apple as a guideline to where you end your lower shaving line. Don’t let it grow lower down the neck than this. The upper shaving line varies depending on the shape of a persons cheekbones, but always keep the line clean by trimming daily with an electric razor. I also tend to use a small amount of sheen wax. Rub it in to give it a messy look.”


Twitter: @MabastJaf

“If you find you get irritant skin when shaving the neck (while shaping the beard), just use a trimmer on level 0 to avoid shaving bumps.”

Mickey J

Twitter: @MickJames007

“My main tip would be to trim it periodically while its growing to control split ends and keep it moisturized once it becomes thick. I used a couple of different products but my favorite was Kuza Indian Hemp.”


Twitter: @__BeardGod

“Well I trim it every few months. And I wash and condition it with horse shampoo. (Mane n Tail). Twice a week.”


Twitter: @Odiolasgalletas

Whipped Products Beard Butter and conditioning”



“I don’t do anything special to it except wash it. All of it is natural. Nothing special.”

Me: You forgot to say you comb it ALL the time. Lol.

Rico: Lmao. Yeah, I comb it all the time.

Cory Townes

Twitter: @CoryTownes

“Ever since I’ve taken growing my beard seriously, I’ve developed a routine that I do to manage my beard during the off weeks. It starts at washing it; I try to wash my beard a good 3-4x’s a week in the shower as well as condition it. After I wash it, i comb the beard out to prevent the hair from clumping and to prevent in grown hairs. After it’s combed, I brush it down with a hard-bristle brush. Simple. To cap it off, I rub in a product made by a friend of mine named Lauren Wiley, who owns Whipped Body Products. She created the “Beard Butter”, which moisturizes the beard and makes it soft to the touch. The final step? An old trick I learned in my teenage days. Growing up in Philadelphia, we have a very big Islamic community, and rather than spend big money as a teenager, we’d spend $5 or $10 purchasing “Muslim Oils”, organic smell goods that people would often sell on the train. An older brother of a friend of mine, who had a substantially large beard, taught me to rub the oils on my facial hair in an attempt to get girls. A good idea to begin with, I later realized that it was beneficial because cologne sticks better to hair than clothes, so by lightly rubbing in some my beard, it portrays well whether talking to someone or bringing someone in for a more intimate experience. My suggestions would be “Touch” by Burberry or any of the John Varvatos line.”

These are some pretty solid beard regimens. I think I can snag a few of these tips and apply it to my hair care regimen. Keeping it simple, low maintenance, moisture, and oils. These men have the beard regimen on lock. If you have any other tips leave them below. I want all the beards to prosper this season.


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