Kombucha: Magical Elixir or Overpriced Brew?


Kombucha is awesome. It sounds weird, Kom-bu-cha, but I love it. In fact, I’m drinking a GT’s Organic Raw Kombucha in Multi-Green as I write this. All the benefits of kombucha and green super foods. Yum! Kombucha may not be appealing to all but it does have some undeniable health benefits.

What is Kombucha?

Kombucha is a raw, fermented tea that contains probiotics, enzymes, and detoxifiers. Kombucha is made with bacteria and yeast which sounds disgusting cultures that provide many of it’s health benefits.

Is Kombucha good for you?

Kombucha is chock full of probiotics, enzymes, and detoxifiers.  These enzymes will help to detoxify your liver. It is high in Glucoronic Acid which has in recent studies been linked to cancer prevention. Also, the probiotics in Kombucha will aid in digestive health and will fight off harmful yeasts. According to many holistic health doctors yeast overgrowth is a major reason for fatigue, depression, anxiety, and overall imbalances in the body. Kombucha’s ability to fight harmful yeast overgrowth will result in mental clarity.

Also, when I was drinking Kombucha almost daily I noticed that I had a decrease in my appetite. Turns out that other people have also noticed a decrease in their appetite. I’m not sure if it’s widespread but it was a noticeable difference for me.

It's so good

It’s so good

What does Kombucha taste like?

Kombucha is a carbonated tea that doesn’t taste like tea (if that makes sense). You will either love or hate Kombucha. My mom and sister describe Kombucha as tasting beer like (which may be due to the fermentation process) with a vinegar like after taste. However, my friends and I love the stuff. I would describe it as tasting beer like but with a sweeter after taste. I’ve tried a few brands and generally they taste the same. One brand, GT’s Kombucha, has a number of different flavors. My favorite GT’s flavors are Gingerade, Guava Goddess, and The Trilogy.

Suggested use for this drink advises one to drink at least one bottle of Kombucha a day but at $4 a pop for the stuff it is pricey for a broke college student. Instead I drink Kombucha when I’m craving soda (which doesn’t happen often these days) or when I have a few extra bucks I can spare. Trust me it’s better to pick up a bottle of Kombucha than a can of Arizona Iced Tea.  You can get Kombucha at Whole Foods Market or google some recipes to make some at home.

Grab a bottle and let me know what you think of it.

Cheers to the freakin’ weekend! Happy Memorial Day to LGG readers in the USA!

Will Squats Give Me A Booty?: Your Questions Answered by Daniel Jacas

photo 5

Me: Hi Daniel, Welcome to Lexi’s Green Guide. Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Daniel: Hi, my name is Daniel Jacas. I’m an Exercise Science major from Bowie, Maryland. I currently attend Hofstra University. My long-term goal is to become a physical therapist and to open up my own spot. Where physical therapy ends, sports performance happens. So that’s about it. I want to create monsters and rehab people.


“Abs are made in the kitchen. . .”

Me: Sounds good Daniel! Let’s get right in to it and start off with nutrition. What are some proper pre and post workout meals? Some people are confused as whether to consume their proteins or carbs before or after a workout.

Daniel: I recommend both before and after. You definitely want more carbs before the workout depending on your goals. So a nice meal is about 20 grams of carbs and for protein you can eat some turkey, tuna, or chicken breast about an hour and a half before your workout. For females, I’d say a nice 1 to 1 protein to carb ratio if you’d like to maintain your body. If you are trying to put on muscle a 2 to 1 protein to carb ratio is better.

Me: Since we’re talking about nutrition it seems that many readers are concerned about belly fat. The saying goes, “Abs are made in the kitchen.” Is that true? And what do you eat in order to get rid of belly fat?

Daniel: Abs are made in the kitchen for the most part. You can do a thousand crunches a day and have the tone and six-pack but you will have a layer of fat covering it. So my best advice is to have a well-balanced diet. Cut out all of the fried foods, try to avoid trans fat, bad fats, and watch your calorie intake.

photo 3


“Unless you want to put a needle in and suck the fact out yourself, no that’s not possible.”

Me: What exercises can you do to get that toned stomach once you’re diet is well balanced?

Daniel: I don’t think your only goal should be to get a toned stomach because I think that will set you up for failure. I think you should first focus on getting your form right, working on your core, and becoming well conditioned. Then you build from there by building your endurance and strength. Then eventually you move on to more complex movements.

Me: What are some exercises that you would specifically recommend for a beginner to work on what you stated?

Daniel: First, you should learn how to properly do a squat. That’s the most fundamental, best exercise for you.  It works out your core, helps burn fat, and helps build bone mineral density, which is very important especially for women. Also, planks are a good way to build core stability, hyperextensions like the “superman”, and posterior exercises to help with posture.

Me: You named quite a few full body exercises. Is there any way to spot reduce? For example maintaining weight elsewhere but just have a nice stomach or a nice back.

Daniel: Unless you want to put a needle in and suck that fat out of yourself, no that’s not possible.

Me: [Laughing out loud]

Daniel: Some of it may be genetics and gender. People are more prone to store fat in areas differently than the next person.  Men are more likely to have an apple shape. Women are more likely to have a pear shape.

Me: True. I do notice that. So should women focus more on cardio or weight lifting?

Daniel: I recommend both. Cardio is great for your health and fat burning. Also, weight training is important. It actually burns more calories in a shorter amount of time. Then, after while your body is recovering it’s still in an anaerobic state, which is kind of a cardio state. It will boost your metabolism, make you feel better and make you feel more energetic.

Me: Sine you recommend both will lifting weights make women bulk up?

Daniel: No, women wouldn’t bulk up. It would definitely make you more cut up and lean. Women don’t have enough testosterone to be as big as men.

Me: That’s very important because a lot of women feel like they don’t want to even touch the weights in fear of getting too muscular.

Daniel: Even the strongest woman in the world isn’t as bulked up as the strongest man in the world and that’s because of testosterone levels.

Me: So it’s not even physically possible unless you’re taking hormones?

Daniel: Yeah, and that’s a whole different…another story. [laughs]

Me: [Laughing]

Sqauts Challenge

Squats Challenge

“It [squats] can give you a better booty.”

Me: Are you familiar with the “Squats Challenge” on social media sites like instagram, tumblr, and twitter? Where women are doing squats everyday for 30 days in a row in attempt to build a booty.

Daniel: Yeah.

Me: What do you think about that?

Daniel: Would you eat the same meal 30 days in a row?

Me: No. [Laughs]

Daniel: Exactly. [Laughs] That’s how I feel about it. Eventually your body is going to plateau. Your body will get used to it. You’re better off just throwing a bar and some weights on your back, creating some resistance and doing a certain amount each day than doing 200 or 300 squats per day.

Me: Since we are saying no to the Squats Challenge…how often should we switch up our workouts?

Daniel: In strength training we switch up our workouts every four weeks. If you are doing the same thing daily you should switch it up weekly.

Me: Besides squats what are some exercises women can do to build curves? You know…enhance the booty.

Daniel: Lunges, bridges, you want to work on your posture, and abduction work. You want to also build a nice back to complement it so reverse flys are a good exercise.

Me: And now for the big question. Will doing squats give women a booty?

Daniel: It can give you a better booty. If you have nothing there, if you’re knocking on wood every time you sit down…I can’t help you there.

[Now I’m really laughing out loud]

Me: Alright, I’d like to thank you for interviewing with Lexi’s Green Guide.

Daniel: No problem. No more squats challnges ladies…no more squats challenges.

Me: Welp, you heard him! Thanks Dan!

Daniel: You’re welcome.

Find Daniel on Twitter: @DanTheMan_35

Are Carbohydrates Causing Cancer?

Check out the video I stumbled upon. This is really eye opening.

Welcome to Tim Van Orden’s Running Raw Project. In this episode: While speaking in Fredericksburg, Virginia, Tim discusses the dangerous compounds that form when carbohydrates are heated at high temperatures – mainly a substance called acrylamide.

Acrylamide is a known carcinogen – meaning that it causes cancer. It is formed when the amino acid arginine bonds with glucose. This occurs when carbohydrates are heated at high temperatures, but not when they are boiled or steamed.

Tim cites a list that appears on the FDA website which states the levels of acrylamide in common baked goods and other staple foods.
Here is a link to the FDA’s page about acrylamide – FDA Acrylamide Questions and Answers

“Change your diet, change your life, change the planet.”  – Tim Vanorden