Maca Root For A Bigger Booty

I absolutely love Maca Root. It’s an amazing superfood that can not only give you a bigger booty but help you look and feel great. If you are looking for a way to naturally enhance your curves without excessive weight gain maca root is it.


Maca is a plant from South America with some great health benefits. It is packed with vitamins, minerals, amino acids, phytonutrients, and healthy fats. Maca is an adaptogen meaning it will help your body to regulate healthy hormone levels and be able to alleviate PMS. The unique nutrients in this amazing food will give you balance and energy while improving your overall mood, health, and boosting your metabolism.

Yes, all the aforementioned are great benefits but the best part of it all…Maca helps to fill out those curves. It won’t magically give you a donkey booty but it will enhance what you have. Give you a little something extra to work with. The healthy fats in Maca Root are naturally stored around your butt, hips, and breasts area. This will result in a curvier figure without the need to gain excessive weight. Amazing right?

Praise Beysus and those curves!

Praise Beysus and those curves!

Now, I wouldn’t be real if I didn’t warn you. Maca will increase your sex drive. Sounds light? Nah, Maca will have you craving sex more than usual. This isn’t a problem for those of us with a consistent source of satisfaction in our lives but for those of use without you’ll have to get real creative with yourself in that department. In addition to that Maca will increase fertility. This may or may not affect your birth control options. Before considering Maca consult with your doctor.

Maca Root can be found in many health food stores. I suggest that you invest in Maca capsules or powder. Start off with half of the recommended dose. Then, after 1-2 weeks of the half the dose increase itΒ to the recommended amount. Give your body some time to adapt to the root because I’m telling you that increased sex drive will be real.

Maca will improve your mood, alleviate PMS, boost your energy, increase libido and give you feminine curves. Basically Maca will transform you in to a goddess. Although results will vary by the individual it is worth a try. Again, and as always consult with your doctor before taking any supplements.

UPDATE: How To Choose The Best Maca RootΒ ; FAQ: MACA ROOT


206 thoughts on “Maca Root For A Bigger Booty

  1. How many capsules can a starter take per day?? When can one stop taking in d capsules? Please what are the side effects of d capsules???

  2. My take on Maca Root: About a month ago, I began my own journey to put my weight back on. Due to a number of circumstances (which I will not bore you with), I dropped from 113 pounds (which I was comfortable with) to about 94 pounds (and that’s on a good day). I was VERY unhappy with how I looked. Thus began my journey. I researched MACA Root, and purchased the Gaia brand and on January 4, I began a journey toward a more healthier and happier me. So that there is no confusion or skepticism, I will be very transparent with you all. I do not work for Gaia and I am the chief of skeptics about anything that people rave about. As a matter of fact, this is my very first review of anything. So, back to my journey. I began increasing my eating to six small meals a day. Notice I said “small meals.” Also, the meals are not junk. They are healthy, home-cooked meals, or home-prepared sandwiches. I also eat a lot of fruit and vegetables. (Maca does increase appetite, and when I am hungry before my scheduled eating times, I snack on fruit or veggies.) I also restarted my exercise program–about three times per week. I began slowly, since it had been a while since I worked out. My program went from about 10 minutes in duration to about 20 or 25 minutes. Additionally, I drink quite a lot of water. With any supplement we take, significant water intake is a must. I even have an app to remind me when to eat, and when to take the Maca Root (I take them between meals). Today, January 22, I am up 8 pounds (remember where I started). I looked in the mirror recently and was pleased with at what looked back at me. When my current bottle is finished, I will stop for about a week or two (while maintaining my eating, water intake, and exorcist), and then start again. The truth is that we have to know our bodies, and how they respond. I am very aware of what my body needs. I have no allusions that by simply taking Maca Root I will be able to restore what I want and where I want it. I am using the Maca Root as an aid, and being actively involved in what I put in my body, how often, and in keeping healthily active. My hope is to reach my goal (of 115) by May–so that the weight comes in healthy waves rather than in an unhealthy tsunami.

  3. Hey Lexi !
    My name is Alexa , So i bought the Organic Gia Herb Maca Root for 1000 mg and this is going to be my second week taking them and i do a bit of excersie and also trying to eat healthy , how long does it normally take so i can gain muscle on the gluts area am i doing something wrong? maybe excersie a bit more try to take more of the dose ? Any suggestion ?

    Thank you

    • Hey Alexa!

      Typically it takes a full month to see results. I wouldn’t take more than the dose. I don’t believe it’s necessary. Some tips are to increase caloric intake the healthy way and keep up with the workouts.

      Good luck!

      • Thanks Lexi !
        What kind of excersie Would you recommend ? I’m almost out of the first bottle so hopefully my second month doing maca will actually give me the results I want.

  4. I bought powdered maca root but since it isn’t in pill form I’m not sure how much I should be taking. How much do you suggest?

    Also I’m concerned about gaining weight generally, as I’ve seen some people use maca root only to help them gain weight. I already work out 4-5 times a week with a focus on my gluts, so I’m just looking to put a little extra chunk on there, but not to gain weight all over. Will maca help with this?

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  6. Hey Lexi ,
    Im 18 weighing only 98 pounds its very hard for me to gain weight , ill be 19 in July. It doesnt seem like ill ever gain any breast or get a bigger butt. I been very small all my life and im looking to gain weight. I recently purchased the Nature’s Herb Maca Roots 500 MG , 100 Capsule from Amazon in hopes of gaining weight and getting my butt and breast bigger. Do you think the Nature’s Herb Maca Roots 500 MG will help me put on some pounds? Please help me gain weight. I eat alot and still cant gain any weight. I been on depo before but it hasnt done anything. Will that kind of Maca Roots I purchase help? Is it the right kind?

    • You will gain take 3 a day for a month then stop for two or three days the double up for next month you will be looking good it takes time to fill out.use a flex.belt isolated tool to keep the fat moveing for better results.

  7. hey! i tried the capsules and i seen results within two weeks. i recently ran out so i went to gnc and bought the powder by accident 😦 now i dont know how to work with it? and will it give me the same results?!

  8. Can I take anti depressants with maca?

    Also been taken maca 6 months and my butt is bigger!!! But I never worked out had no time. My appetite increased so I’ve gained weight. Shld I stop taking it so I can work out lose weight.? I’m afraid if I do ill lose my butt that I got cause of the maca
    Thank you

    • Hey! I actually found my depression slowly got better after starting Maca root! My mood was happier and i felt more normal than i had felt in a long time! Maca also makes me feel like my stomach is flatter and my food ad fat goes in the correct places πŸ˜‰ i really love maca root. I take it in an organic powder form. Love it!!

  9. I just ordered maca root for my acne but could also use more curves so lets hope I achieve those goals. I’m currently 125 lbs and would like to gain an additional five pounds of healthy lean muscle mass. Whenever I stress I lose my appetite and quickly lose weight. Two weeks ago I was about 119 and I had to seriously eat more veggies, fruits, and plenty of protein. This week I’ll focus on squats and crunches. I can not wait for this supplement to arrive! I’m tryna bring sexy back in time for spring/summer ya’ll πŸ˜‰

  10. So the maca root will cancel out your birth control completely??? How do you take this supplement and not get pregnant?

  11. Hi Lexi
    im a 19 year old girl from South problem is that i seem to gain more weight in my upper body (worried) and i really do not feel comfortable when wearing something,id like to ask you if using Maca would the correct decision at this age,coz i really want to look good..Thanks*please reply

  12. Hey guys! Now i read this maca root and tried literally for a week exactly 7 days today. I started using the powder made by Gaia from the vitamin shoppe I use one teaspoon drink wit juice or soy milk but i jus scoop it i dnt measure it at all. I jus got the pill in 2 days ago made by NOW. any way I stated doin that once a day then moved my dosage to twice a day with the powder now im doin the powder once and 2 pills a day. However you do it I have to say this stuff really works I gained pound in less than a week but my hips and butt has grown in jus one week. Its very noticebly according to my family friends and coworkers. Ladies if you are doin this i believe it will work. I work out 4-5 days out the week for 15 mins only doing squats leg lifts watever comes to mind to work my butt nd Im see results I home this helps

    • You said you were taking one pill a day, but how long was it until you started to add another pill? I want to take this product and I think it might work for me (I’m skinny but I’ve been eating more and also adding some weight lifting for mainly squats and abs) but there seems to be a lot of good recommendations!

  13. Hi, I just started a week ago with Maca for a bigger booty, I’ve always around 140, had a baby, gained baby weight 50+, I’ve been loosing baby weight and have noticed my butt wasn’t the same so I decided to take it. I feel my thighs getting fatter by the minute. Should I wait until I drop all the weight I want to lose and then begin to take it?

    Thank you!

  14. Hello ladies just wanted to share my story on maca root, Im 26 5’9 and i started off at 110 skinny I know right!!. Well I have been taking them since Feb and I am proud to say im currently 119 and my butt and breast have really filled out but not without making sure im taking in 2500+ calories per day which is the key. So good luck to any on there weight gain journey and want to try maca root because it really does work wish i could share photo im so proud, 140 here i come.

    • Hey this is Div …Would love to know which Brand you used.. and did you take capsule or powder form ..I want to start on Maca now !

    • Hi! I was wondering what brand of Maca Root do you use? I have curves but I would love to enhance them. Thanks in advance!

  15. Hi I was wondering how do you know it starts working……..I haven’t been taking it that long maybe about a week at the most. How will I know when it start to effect.

  16. Hi Lexi! my question here is.. I found maca by browsing the internet… and I was realy happy to read all about it .. im very healthy as a person work out every day .. my day job is physical also. I am taking naturel medication due to my hysterectomy 7 years ago .. so I was trying to figure out more about hormone ect.. until I found maca.. its been 3 weeks now ..nothing change for me accept passage terrible gaz every 5 minute … it smell like something dead.. its terrible and just dont know if its normal or what to do about this..I realy beleive in this product .. and reading all the comments in here about gaining on the bootie and breast will be just great for me also.. do you have a solution for me here? Specially for the gaz issue. And I dont wont a gain weight more then that. So should I continue or quit it? Hoping to hear from you very soon. Thanks

  17. And i take the pills from say325mg. But u know i take23 pills in doing right? in nursing.

  18. Hi everyone, Im about 5’5 100 lbs. My measurements are 32 22 34. I’d like to gain at least 15-20 lbs but of course 30 would be ideal. I do weights squats about 3 days a week along with donky kicks and lunges, and just body weight through the day sometimes or whenever I think of it. I dont necessarily want JUST a bigger butt, but rather weight gain all over. however bigger booty would be nice :p Would this work for me?

  19. Hey Lexi should I take the Maca vitamins for weight gain or the maca powder is there a better outcome from one another?

  20. I cant swallow pills & cant find they power kind . Do you think opening the capsule & taking them will still work for me ? or should I just keep looking for the powder ?

  21. Which Gaia did you use because I seen plenty like for thyroid & adrenal . which one do I get for helping gain weight ?

  22. I bought mason maca 500mg on friday being 27/06/2014: i take one dose as a starter n i dissolve the capsule into my smoothie n now i got 1/2 butts within 3days. I will keep you updated with my lastest result.

  23. Hi I wanted to know if it’s a good idea to take maca root if I’m already big. I really need to plump my butt up but don’t need extra pounds anywhere else. Plz help!

  24. Hey!! Love this! I was wondering if you have an idea of if maca root will make you gain weight in your stomach or not?? Thanks for ur time!

  25. Exactly my question too,need to know cos I don’t want to add weight anywhere aside from my hips and butt side.

  26. Hi Lexi…I purchased the Natures Way Maca from.Amazon but have not started them yet. Im gona.start out with one capsule a day for.two weeks so my body can adjust. What time is best to take them ex: at breakfast…Lunch…or dinner? I read that you shouldnt take before bed because it can keep you up at night. Anyway I hope this helps me as i have lost alot of my fullness and roundness Since Iam.older now. If I dont see results Im gona try the.Gaia Maca that you mentioned. Please reply thanks!!

  27. Hi I was wondering exactly what brand of the Gaia maca you are taking and what is the website please. Your regimen of how you are eating and excersing is good. I need to start working out but just cant get motivated.

  28. please where do i get this maca pills,cause am too skinning,please i need ur help,am 17 and very very lean and assless so i need maca,where can i get it in Nigeria.

  29. Hi…please i need help.i have big boobs and a flat bottom.i felt worse when a guy told me m shapeless.wat do i do to reduce breasts and increase my butt?please help.

  30. Hi my name is Gracie I’m 19 years old. I work out a bit to try to gain muscle because I weight 99 lbs. I’m trying to gain weight, if I take the Nature herbs macs root ; the pills and the powder on my smoothies, will that be bad? If not how many capsules should I take if I normally drink one smoothie a day with a scoop of the maca.

  31. Hi. I purchase Maca Root Pills About 2 months ago and have been taking them on and off so I haven’t really noticed a difference in weight gain, I plan ti change that though and begin taking everyday but I do have a question, I have a fast metabolism so will the results of Maca be slower than if you have a low metabolism ?

    Also, would it be okay if I was to intake 2 Maca Pills and the powder once a day in between meals ?

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