Review: Franchia Vegan Cafe for the Win!

Franchia Vegan Cafe

Franchia Vegan Cafe is located in Midtown – New York, NY. This Korean restaurant sent my taste buds in to another dimension. Seriously, this place is amazing. The Soy ‘Beef’ Cutlet Bibimbap was full of flavor and spice. Franchia Vegan Cafe’s menu is so extensive that I’ll have to return many more times to try everything I’ve been eyeing on the menu.  I’d recommend this restaurant to meat lovers and vegans alike. It’s so flavorful that meat is the last thing on your mind.


6 Healthy Dinner Ideas

Here are 6 healthy dinner ideas that are full of flavor and budget-friendly. Follow @LexisGreenGuide on Instagram for more ideas.

Little Beet Grilled Chicken and Kale

   This grilled chicken with kale, broccoli, and sweet potatoes was made by The Little Beet. It’s not like you haven’t heard me raving enough about it on my social networks for the past three weeks. This meal can be recreated at home if you don’t live near The Little Beet.

Little Beet Grilled Chicken

Another healthy meal on-the-go provided by The Little Beet. What I loved most here was the Southwest Style Millet that featured avocados. I can’t wait to recreate this at home.

Sweet Potato

For this meal I pulled out some leftover chicken and popped the sweet potato and broccoli in the oven. Hassle-free and simple.

Roasted Broccoli

Although this isn’t a full meal it deserves a feature. I tossed the broccoli in lemon oil and sprinkled garlic powder and sea salt on top. I roasted these in the oven for about 20 minutes. The flavor was phenomenal.

Chicken Satay

This meal was ordered from my local thai spot. I put together a few sides to make a budget friendly, healthy, flavorful meal. The ginger dressing that came with the salad was to die for!

Little Beet Salmon

Grilled Salmon with Charred Broccoli and Lentils

Another Little Beet feature here. Perfectly grilled salmon with a heaping mound of vegetables.

Pan Seared Chicken

I seasoned the chicken with a dry rub then pan seared it in olive oil to lock in the juices. I blanched the vegetables then tossed them in a garlic infused olive oil.

Hope you enjoy my 6 healthy dinner ideas. Eating healthy can be flavorful and budget friendly!