5 Ways to Fade Acne Scars


All hope isn’t lost if you have acne scarring. Naturally fade your scars with these 5 methods for clear, even skin.

 Fruit Enzymes

 Fruits like papaya, grapefruit, lemon, and lime contain alpha-hydroxy acids which work to remove dead skin cells and improve the texture of your skin. I love the Lush Tea Tree Toner because it contains grapefruit to brighten my skin.


 Honey is moisturizing and an anti-bacterial that is known to lighten hair and skin. Use raw, organic honey as a face wash to gently fade dark marks and prevent acne.


Turmeric is an Indian spice known to inhibit melanin production. This is helpful for preventing dark marks and keeping scars away once they fade. My favorite Lush mask contains turmeric, honey, and lime.


A good scrub sloughs away dead skin cells to reveal younger, brighter skin. This helps speed up the process of fading acne scars. Over-exfoliating may damage your skin and lead to scars so do not exfoliate your face more than 5 times per week. Exfoliate less if you have sensitive skin


Your skin regenerates itself 28 days. Wait at least 3 months to see a change in your skin. Build a regimen that helps to fade acne scarring every step of the way.

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