Healing Foods for Cold Prevention

Cold season is upon us but that doesn’t mean you have to deal with a runny nose and congestion. Naturally build your immune system with vitamins and minerals from whole food sources to prevent colds.

Lentils and quinoa: A good source of zinc to help shorten the duration of your colds. Pair the two together for a superfood, cold prevention side dish.

Angelica Kitchen Quinoa

Bell Peppers: An amazing source of vitamin C with 156% of your daily recommended intake. That’s more than an orange! Vitamin C helps to build your immune system to fight colds. Also, the anti-oxidants fight free radicals that attack our system.

Bell Peppers

Oil of oregano: Known as nature’s antibiotic, oil of oregano helps to prevent colds by fighting bacteria and viruses. The best way to take oil of oregano is in capsule form. You’ll find it at any natural health store. I seriously swear by this stuff.

Oil of Oregano

Garlic: Another powerful natural antibiotic. My aunt swears by garlic tea whenever a cold is coming on. Since that sounds gross and I refuse to try it I prefer my garlic supplements from Whole Foods Market.

Echinacea Tea: Echinacea is a herb used to fight infection and colds. Around this time of year it’s great to stock up on echinacea tea. You can find the tea at most grocery stores. Be sure to buy organic to avoid icky pesticides and chemicals.

Getting your vitamins from food sources are best but if you are having trouble with that then this would be a perfect time to buy a multi-vitamin. Cover all your bases to prevent the cold.



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