10 Fall Foods for Health

Saying goodbye to summer only means that your produce options start to heat up. Transition in to Fall with these 10 health foods because buying in season yields the most nutritionally dense, flavorful and unique varieties.


This fiber-rich fruit is a delicious, healthy snack that keeps you alert and feeling full longer.


Beets are rich in vitamin c, fiber, and antioxidants. It’s ability to detoxify makes it an awesome addition to fresh blended juices.


Carrot Variety


Carrots are best known for their high vitamin A content and naturally sweet flavor. You can find the colored varieties at plenty of farmer markets or grocery stores with local options.


This dark leafy superfood is especially rich in vitamin K.



Slightly more sweet when harvested in the cooler temperatures. Cranberries cleanse and detoxify.


Eggplant contains phytonutrients to protect your cells from damage. Try roasting eggplant with your favorite herbs for a healthy side dish.


A great source of fiber, vitamin c, and copper. I like to keep pears handy as a quick snack.

Winter Squash

This vegetable is slightly sweeter than it’s summer variety and is packed with omega 3 fatty acids.


Sweet Potatoes

Sweet Potato

One of my favorite vegetables. Sweet potatoes are known for their great source of vitamin A and anti-inflammatory benefits. Try roasting them whole to pair with your favorite fall meals.


An amazing source of vitamin c and antioxidants. Enjoy the whole fruit or add pomegranate to your favorite salad or create a pomegranate sauce for your dish.




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