Part Two: Organic Skin Care Routine


So now that we’ve covered our diet for clear skin let’s get in to the routine. If you haven’t read part one you should do so here. No way you can reach the pearly gates of clear skin heaven without a healthy diet.


Every night I cleanse my face with oils. What?! Yes, you read right. I use oil to clean my face. It’s called the Oil Cleansing method. The idea is that water cannot break down oil. Many cleansers on the market contain harsh sulfates to strip the skin of it’s natural oils. This leaves your skin dry which causes your skin to go into overdrive to compensate for the dryness. So it’s like you are stuck in a vicious cycle when you use sulfates to clean your skin. Also, foaming products are a no go for me. The foam can be drying. Instead certain oils are used for cleansing while others are used for moisturizing. Oil cleansing is ideal for any skin type. A balance based on your skin type and oils of your choice will give you the best results.

My Oil Cleansing Mixture

1 part Castor Oil (the cleansing oil)

1 Part Grapeseed Oil (moisturizing oil)

A few drops of tea tree essential oil or lavender essential oil

I massage the mixture into my face. Then, I use a clean, damp, hot washcloth and lay it over my face for about 3-5 minutes. After that, I wipe the excess oil off of my face and repeat the steaming process to get rid of any excess oil.

The essential oils I use a known to clear up blemishes and fight acne causing bacteria. Both essential oils are anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and help preserve my oil mixture.

If you have dry skin use more moisturizing oil. If you have oily skin use more castor oil (the cleansing oil). Castor oil will control your oily skin. You will find that using castor oil by itself leaves you with dry skin. This is because castor oil draws out the impurities.


I exfoliate 3 times per week. I use the same oil mixture above but I add organic sugar to the mix to make a face scrub. I’ll rinse my face first to get rid of any sugar bits then steam away the oil using the same method I mentioned for oil cleansing. After exfoliating at night I’ll rub some lemon on my skin to lighten dark marks, tighten my pores, and keep the blemishes away.



I use a dab of unrefined grape seed oil to moisturize my face.

Spot Treatment

If I do have a blemish I’ll dab lavender essential oil on the blemish nightly until it clears up.

Special Treatments (Bentonite Clay Masks and Steaming)

About once a month I use a bentonite clay face mask to further draw impurities out of my skin. I use the Aztec Indian Healing Clay and follow the directions on the back of the jar. This clay and apple cider vinegar mixture will tone your skin and reduce the size of your pores. Don’t make the same mistake I made and leave it on your face for too long. It’ll leave your skin feeling irritated and dry.10 minutes is the maximum time for my sensitive, combination skin.

Also, about once a month I will steam my face to help open my pores for deeper cleansing. I start with a clean face. Then I bring a pot of distilled water to a boil. Then, I turn off the heat. With a towel over my head I put my face 12 inches above the pot of water. I let the steam work on my face for 10 minutes. After that, moving quickly, I take my cleansing oil mixture and focus on congested areas of my skin. I massage the oil in for 5 minutes then wipe away the excess oil.

That’s it for my skin care routine. The best part is that my skin care routine is that it’s relatively inexpensive. No fancy products here. The most I spend is about $10-$12 on a quality essential oil that lasts me well over a year.


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