The Way to A Wetter Vagina


Papayas kind of remind me of vaginas. Completely random, well not so random considering the topic of this post.

As I embark on this healthy journey there are so many delightful changes to my body. Clearer skin, a curvier figure, more energy, and a wetter vagina. Yes, a wetter vagina. Now, the latter came about by what I thought was happenstance. I was on clean eating challenge at the time. It was never my goal to have a wetter vagina although sometimes I did think about it but it wasn’t a priority for me. It started with some slight extra wetness but it became such a substantial, consistent, and lasting amount that I couldn’t help but ignore it. It was so crazy that I even texted my friend about it. What? You don’t ever text your friend when some crazy ish happens? I would include the conversation but the level of raunch in that conversation is best left to the imagination.  After some research I summed up that my wetter vagina was a result of a healthy lifestyle change.

Alkaline Diet

The alkaline diet balances the pH of your body. A body in balance resists disease. My plant-based diet has my system functioning so smoothly.  After eliminating refined sugars, yeast, and alcohol my digestive system could finally ease up. Most of our diets are high in sugar which may cause yeast infections. Now, although we may not have full-blown yeast infections, the over consumption of acidic foods including bread, refined sugar, and alcohol causes a slight imbalance. This imbalance hinders the full potential of the wetness. My diet was mainly vegetable based, included alkalizing grains, nuts, and beans as well as a few fruits. I cut out dairy and a majority of meat. Click here for a list of alkaline and acidic forming foods.

Natural Soaps

It’s tempting to want to wash your vagina with that fruity body wash that smells so good but that is not recommended by any gynecologist. Those soaps can be irritating and drying. Most doctors recommend washing with water only but that’s kind of icky to me so instead a gentle wash with natural, fragrance free, soaps work. Natural soaps do not include sodium lauryl sulfate or any of that mess. So that over priced “natural” body wash you got from Sephora has got to go. African Black Soap or unscented Dr. Bronner’s Castile Soap worked best for me. I’d notice imbalances if I used anything other than those soaps. Finding what works for you is key.


I can’t even explain this nor have I been able to find any research on this but I believe that yoga and becoming one with myself has helped my yoni (tantric word for vagina) to flourish. Practicing Pranayama (the practice of controlling breath) has brought me into relaxation while creating awareness of my body. Stress causes imbalances and yoga is my way of winding down and releasing negative energy that may cause imbalances in my body.

Latex Allergy

I have a latex sensitivity and I didn’t even know it. It was a friend that pointed out that I may have a latex sensitivity. There are many symptoms and stages of latex allergies. Mine is so slight that it’s more of a sensitivity than an allergy. Once I switched to non-latex condoms everything improved. The best way to determine if you have an allergy is to see a doctor. Even if the allergy is slight making a change makes the difference.

As I heal my body, my body responds positively. Nature intended for us to be beautiful beings with really wet vaginas that I am sure of. Has anyone else noticed this? I’m sure I can’t be alone. Don’t be shy, share if you have also noticed a difference.


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