Sustainable Footwear: Kuna Kicks

These shoes are super cute and perfect for the summer! I can’t wait to order a pair.

Kuna Kicks

“By ordering a pair of Kuna Kicks you become part of an exclusive community that, through your purchase, is voting to cultivate socially conscious entrepreneurship in the world that empowers people and creates quality, one-of-a-kind art. In return for your commitment, you become an essential part of creating our artists’ Spring line of shoes by participating in fair-trade in the most intimate way: guaranteeing these amazing artists have an opportunity to bring their art form to life and an income to their family.”


“The Kuna’s eye for vibrant color, design and their mastery of the reverse applique technique is the central element of these Kicks. The fusion of the Kuna’s mola art form with artisan shoe-making makes for a unique expression of their cultural folklore regarding the universe, nature, and their community. The Colombian shoemakers use their 150 years of heritage to handcraft each pair. Each mola is the result of multiple layers of fabric which are cut and stitched by hand, revealing the artist’s vision. Our Kicks are carefully crafted, designed and produced in small batches, reflecting each artist’s commitment to both quality and beauty.”

The fact the purchase of these shoes are providing local artisans with living wages and helping their communities is awesome.

Will you purchase a pair of Kuna Kicks? Read more about it here


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