Amazing Vegetarian Restaurant: Angelica Kitchen in NYC


Looking for a great vegetarian spot to get your chow on? Well, if you are ever in New York City then you need to make a trip to Angelica Kitchen. Locals love Angelica Kitchen and now I know why.  The food was moderately priced, delicious, and healthy.


My First Impression

Seated by a window with plenty of sunlight and warmth I took in the atmosphere of Angelica Kitchen. It was clean and well-lit. The restaurant was filled with people but there was zero wait. My server was extremely friendly and his service was superb. I wish I could remember the name of my server that’s how great he was.

Angelica Kitchen

The Food

First, I ordered a carrot juice. It was absolutely delicious. I took advantage of the Angelica Kitchen combo deal and got soba noodles and vegetables with black sesame dressing for $7.50. The portion sizes were hefty too. The food was so good. I was stuffed after my meal but I was dying to try the cornbread. With the recommendation of my server I ordered the cornbread with a carrot ginger spread for dessert. It was love at first bite. My taste buds ascended to heaven. The carrot ginger spread was delightful and bright. The cornbread was fluffy and flavorful.  I was more than satisfied with the meal.

How Expensive is it? 

Angelica Kitchen can definitely fit in to your budget. There are pricey juices, entrée’s, and desserts if you are in the mood to spend extra but there are dishes to fit your budget. You can opt for the combo meal or the half dragon bowl (which according to reviews is more than enough for one person). Also they have a menu full of delicious appetizers, soups, and salads if you prefer to eat something small.

Angelica Kitchen Cornbread

I scarfed down the other slice before taking this picture

Overall I would give Angelica Kitchen 5 stars. The food and service were great. So great that I returned the next day! If you’re ever in NYC visit Angelica Kitchen and let me know how your experience went.

Angelica Kitchen

300 E 12th St  New York, NY 10003
(212) 228-2909

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