11 Reasons Why Healthy Eating is Sexy

Think there’s nothing appealing about a big bowl of vegetables and fruits? Think again. Healthy eating is the new sexy.

  1. You’ll taste better. Wow. Yes. You will. I’m not kidding. So eat your pineapples, fresh fruits, and veggies. Yum!
  2. You’ll look younger. Yes, genetics play a role in how you age but the environment takes a toll on our bodies. You can slow the aging process by eating foods rich in antioxidants. I’m talking about berries, kale, green tea and all of that good stuff.
  3. You won’t have those God awful dark under eye circles. Many link a potassium deficiency to dark under eye circles. *curses self for latest overpriced eye cream purchase* Eating foods rich in potassium and taking 2 tablespoons of Apple Cider Vinegar morning and night should help.
  4. People will always compliment you on your skin and ask you what you use. Seriously, people who eat healthy have a glow. Nothing greasy or fried in the digestive system to come back with a vengeance as unsightly blemishes.
  5. You’ll smell better. Chlorophyll, the green pigment present in plants, is responsible for the absorption of light to energy in plants. Chlorophyll is known to help with bad breath and body odor. Load up on bell peppers, green cabbage, romaine lettuce, sea vegetables, spinach, and kale.
  6. Healthier, longer, stronger hair. No doubt that a diet rich in omega 3・6・9, vitamins and minerals will help keep your hair in tip top shape. Flax seeds or flax seed oil is a great addition to your diet that can you get shinier hair.
  7. Your sex life will improve. Healthy eating increases stamina. Plus, maca root is like nature’s viagara and there are plenty of natural aphrodisiacs to increases your sex drive.
  8. You’ll have more energy. Nothing is normal about the ‘itis. The ‘itis is that feeling you get after consuming a meal likened to a Thanksgiving Day feast. The kind of meal where after all you want to do is roll your way into a bed so you can take a 4 hour nap. Food is meant to nourish and revitalize. Eating healthy will leave you feeling more refreshed and focused.
  9. No more dry, brittle, breaking nails. Surely, I can’t  be the only one who finds unhealthy nails unsightly. Maybe I’m being a nit-picky virgo but beautiful hands add to your sexy. Brittle nails are a sign of iron deficiency. Please DO NOT take iron supplements without consulting  your doctor first. Instead try eating more green, leafy vegetables and nuts.
  10. Eating healthy makes you feel better. Especially supplementing with foods such as maca root will balance your hormones and help with mental clarity. No one likes to be around a grouch. No matter how physically attractive you are negativity kills that.
  11. You will look sexier. I’m taking about banishing belly fat to a forbidden corner. Truth is that abs start in the kitchen and in generally a toned body starts with diet. A healthy diet along with proper exercise can give a you toned, sexy body.

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