The Truth About Argan Oil


This argan oil trickery by companies has to stop! Argan Oil is hot on the streets now and it seems like every hair product is advertising its inclusion of argan oil. I love argan oil but I am sick of companies tricking consumers into thinking they are actually getting the benefits of argan oil from their products. Many of the products that are advertising the addition of argan oil also contain ingredients that may be counter productive to your healthy hair goals. Not to mention many of these products are overpriced considering it’s less than stellar ingredients list.

What is argan oil?


Argan oil is an oil produced from the argan tree in Morocco. It contains Vitamin E an antioxidant that nourishes and adds shine to your hair. Also, It has Omega 3’s to prevent hair loss and Omega 9’s strengthen damaged hair. It has also been reported to offer UV protection.

Are all products with argan oil created equal?

No. Let’s take a look at one popular oil that contains argan oil.

moroccanoil-oil-treatment-three-four-oz-278x278Moroccan Oil Ingredients

How can Moroccan Oil tote the benefits of argan oil with such a hefty price tag when it contains mostly silicones, fragrance, and polymers? Yes, this product is great for giving shine and smoothing the hair but the problem is that this product doesn’t nourish your hair it only provides a superficial quick fix. Not only that, but it’s absurd to pay this much for a product when it contains so little of the oil it is actually known for. That means the benefits of argan oil will have little effect on your hair. Not to single out this one brand because there are plenty of other misleading argan oil labels. There are products with argan oil nestled between sulfates and silicones on the ingredients list and they are equally as misleading.

How can make sure you are getting the best benefits out of argan oil?

The best way ensure you are getting the benefits of argan oil is to purchase pure argan oil. Argan oil is expensive so it is best to mix argan oils with some of your favorite oils including coconut, olive, or sweet almond oil.

I love argan oil and have been using it to help lock in moisture. It leaves my hair soft and pliable. Due to its price I mix mine with castor, coconut, and olive oil. Don’t pay for low quality products. Get the most bang for your buck and get the real stuff.


9 thoughts on “The Truth About Argan Oil

  1. thank you for the info, very interesting and useful, I use argan oil from pro naturals which is very good too, it has helped me a lot, now my hair looks better, shiny and healthy.

  2. Thank you Alexi. This confirms my thoughts. Argan oil is not cheap indeed but the only way to get full benefits is to use pure Argan oil. I rather pay more and get he real thing than pay for silicones, fragrance, and polymers. I tried to mix it with other oils, however, it did not like the smell of the combination, also adding olive oil makes quite greasy, which I did not like. So I just use Argan oil. Because I only need a few drops every day it lasts a long time, so it s worth the price.

    I use Argana Vita Argan oil. I can tell by the color, smell and consistency of their oil that ii is good quality, but most importantly the wonderful effects on my skin and hair. This is the only brand I know of that lab tests their oil for purity, Check it out at

  3. I sell real argan oil and my advice to people is to only buy argan oil that has ecco cert stamp on their bottles as they are the only companies sell the real argan oil , ecco certification proves argan oil is pure and real . if it does not have this stamp on the bottle keep away as they may have adiddatives , sometimes certain companies add other oils like olive oil or baby oil with their argan oil and call it pure , beaware and real argan oil is not cheap at all .
    also dont bealive in companies say they have ecco certification , some claim they have ecco certification but dont reflect this on their bottles , i will personally question these companies as if they really have ecco certification why arent they stamping the bottles with it !!!. i am not going to advertise my company here as my ARGAN OIL SPEAKS FOR IT SELF and no need to advertise . your article is great and i would like to congratulate you for writing a great article as some companies give Argan oil a bad name because consumers use these fake oils or the once with chemicals and see no benefits and they think Argan oil is rubbish and thats very misleading and upsetting to those morroccon women who work day an night to produce this precious oil to the world . Argan oil is really a miracle oil my customers and family had seen magnificent benefits from argan oil .

    • Thank you! I will be taking note of the ecco certification. That’s very good to know. And I agree with you some companies are giving argan oil a bad name but I’m optimistic that consumers will become more informed buyers.

  4. Love your article! I use argan oil a lot, but I get it directly from Morocco, where it is not only very cheap, but (and thats more important) it is pure argan oil without all those chemicals in it. I use it mostly on my skin (little on the hair) and it hydrates my skin very well.

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