Is Sweating Good For You?


I was in the gym dripping with sweat from an intense cardio workout when I ran in to an old friend of mine. We engaged in the usual gym small talk. Maybe my profuse sweating made her uncomfortable because in between all of this she said, “I don’t know, I can’t sweat like that. Plus I don’t think I would want to. I hate sweating.” Although this statement seemed a bit weird to me many other women feel the same way. Sweating may seem gross but it actually helps to improve our health. How exactly does sweating benefit us? Check out the list

  • Sweating clears up the skin. It will open up those plugged up pores that cause blackheads. Just make sure to follow up with a face cleansing regimen after sweating.
  • Sweat regulates the body temperature helping us to stay cool.
  • Sweat cleanses the body of toxins. There are heavy metals that are in our body and sweating will help to release them.
  • Sweating boosts the immune system. Once you’re body is ridding itself of toxins and heavy metals the immune system will be able to function more effectively.
  • Sweat improves circulation and cardiovascular health.

You may not sweat profusely with every workout but working up a good sweat will leave you looking and feeling better.


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