The Power of Positive Energy

So this past weekend a friend came to visit. We were lounging around, catching up, cracking jokes while talking about any random topic that happened to pop in to our heads. Soon the conversation steered towards talking about the importance of positivity when he shared this story with me.

Him: The other day I woke up with the craziest feeling but in a good way. I woke feeling happier than I ever have in my life. Like, I couldn’t explain it…I was so…happy.

Me: What? How? I mean were you were probably dreaming?

Him: Nah, not that I can remember. I woke up feeling like I could accomplish anything. So many happy thoughts were running through my mind at once and I couldn’t keep up with them all. I was thinking maybe I should do a workout, maybe I should go running, maybe I should talk to my mom. The feeling was crazy. I was so…happy.

Me: That’s crazy. So what did you end up doing?

Him: Talked to my mom. Then went back to sleep. It was 2am.

Me: *now in fits of giggles* All of that and you talked to your mom?

Him: Sure, why not? Seemed like the right thing to do at the moment.

Me: Basically you reached some type of Nirvana in your sleep and you didn’t even know.

Now we’re both laughing and cracking jokes. As the conversation continued I wondered…what causes such positive energy to manifest within us that we could wake up feeling like we can conquer the world. Could it be a pleasant dream? A healthier lifestyle? Life changes that steer us on to the paths of achieving our dreams? Whatever the reason that’s a wonderful feeling to have right? I believe that we all have the ability to cultivate positive energy. It is through good deeds, following our dreams, eating to nourish our bodies, and taking care of our bodies through exercise. Remember to take  some time out to meditate. Reflect on your positive affirmations and continue to bring love and light in to your life. Just thought I’d share.

Let me know. Have you ever experienced anything like this?


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