Gave My First Official Hair and Skin Consultation!

Hello everyone! I’m super excited because I’ve had the chance to give my first official hair and skin consultation. I say official because I have been giving green hair and skin advice for years but this is my first actual, thorough meeting. A friend of a friend reached out to me and agreed to become my first client. Although, he had recently adopted a great fitness regimen he wanted to extend his life changes to his hair and skin.

First, I began by asking him questions including questions about his current hair and skin regimen, diet, workout plan, supplements and his goals for his hair and skin. Then, I assessed his hair and skin as he told me about his main concerns. Before, offering my suggestions I made sure to establish his maintenance level. How much time is he willing to commit to the regimen per day? How much money is he willing to spend? I believe that all of this information is important. If someone has only 30 minutes to get ready in the morning versus someone who has one hour then the morning regimen may be different. After establishing all background information and assessments I made my suggestions. I made sure to thoroughly explain why we were choosing to go the green, holistic route. I also, explained the function of every product or ingredient and was happy to answer all of his questions. After sharing my knowledge my client was more than happy to go green beauty route.

We covered food and supplements to help his hair and skin. Then, we created a regimen for his hair according to his hair needs and goal. The same was done for his skin. My client was very pleased after our conversation and has put all the suggestions in to practice immediately. We are excited to see the results and I’ll be sure to update everyone on his progress.

If you would like to have your beauty or diet questions answered click on the Ask Lexi page and fill out the form. I would be happy to help you reach your full beauty potential.


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