Why You Should Say No to Nair

Nair almost cost me my kitty  six years ago. There I was in the bathroom, Nair in one hand, rag in the other. I had carefully layered a coating of the thick and creamy hair remover all over my bikini area. As soon as I finished spreading the gunk I noticed a weird smell. It reminded me of a chemistry lab experiment gone wrong, a scent similar to the mixture of sulfur and flowers. I had one foot firmly planted on the ground and the other on the bathroom sink. This position was to get a better view of myself as the product melted the hairs away. I had decided that I was fed up with shaving but I wouldn’t dare try waxing. Instead, I opted for the sensitive skin bikini hair remover. One minute had passed as I waited in this awkward position. I had been careful to smooth the product only on my vulva. I read the bottle again. It instructed me to wait six minutes before removing the cream. Three minutes passed, the position was not only getting uncomfortable but tiring. As four minutes approached I felt a slight tingle but I figured that the product must be really working. I used a rag to wipe a section of the hair. The stupid hair wasn’t coming off so I decided to wait longer in this unnatural position. By five minutes I felt a burning sensation near my vagina. Whatever was going on I knew this wasn’t okay. I begin to wipe as the burning sensation continued. I muttered curses as the burning increased. It wouldn’t stop. Frantically, I continued to wipe. I stopped for a moment to get a closer look to discover the source of the unpleasant fire in my crotch. As I looked closer I realized some of the cream was on my vagina. My vagina hole felt like it was going up in flames. Now I switched in to panic mode. I couldn’t rinse the rag and wipe fast enough so I turned on the shower and jumped in. The water hit my vagina and it felt like fireballs were showering down and exploding on my lady parts. I had to get this stuff off. It was bad.

Balls of fire raining down on my vagina

Balls of fire raining down on my vagina

I would by lying if I said a single tear did not fall from my eyes. How could this be? I followed directions. I even did the test patch beforehand as the directions instructed. The pain, the burning, the tenderness of my vagina.  I managed to wipe away all the cream despite the pain. I took a good look at my bikini area. It was bald in some areas while other areas still had struggle hairs that refused to melt away. It was terrible. I had a tender, half hairy vagina. Now I had to walk around with a struggle vagina. Not cute. Not a good look at all. It was from that day forward that I vowed to never let that chemical concoction touch my vagina ever again.


After, I did some research I realized that my hatred for Nair was founded and very common. Nair is designed to break down Keratin which is found in our hair and skin. The break down of keratin affects the skin causing it to shed. The calcium hydroxide in Nair destroys the hair and skin which often leads to chemical burns and damages our skin cells. The calcium hydroxide works with potassium thioglycolate (yes, another chemical) which weakens the hair enabling it to be rubbed away. It is no wonder that I had such an explosive reaction to the stuff. Granted, not everyone has had such a terrible experience with Nair but do remember that our skin is the largest organ on our body and is able to absorb what we put on it. Once, a product or chemical is absorbed it has the ability to enter our bloodstream. Toxic chemicals like calcium hydroxide and potassium thiogylcolate are not the kind of things we want in our bloodstream. If you prefer to remove bikini hair you do have safer options. You may choose to trim or shave the hairs away using a bikini trimmer. Another option is to wax the hairs. This should be done by a professional. Many salons are also now offering sugar wax. A green alternative to traditional wax. The choice is yours but whatever you do, for the sake of your kitty, do not subject yourself to Nair.


9 thoughts on “Why You Should Say No to Nair

  1. Did you have to see a doctor after using nair because I just did the same thing and burns so much I won’t ever use it again ever just wanted to know if I should go to a doctor. Thank you 🙂

    • I didn’t see a doctor because the effects went away the next day. If you are questioning whether you should see a doctor you should definitely visit one.

  2. Ok so On Friday I done this exact thing, obviously accidentally!! The pain was so bad, now I’m on Monday and although it’s not nearly as bad as it was it’s still really uncomfortable. I’ve tried lots of things. Sudacream, natural yogurt, Aloe Vera. E45 and I’m still struggling so I’ve booked an appointment with gp in the morning I can’t stand this any longer. How long did it take u guys to heal from this injury??

    • Oh no! I’m so sorry to hear that. It took me a good two days if I remember correctly. We had some burn cream so I used that and avoided hot water. Stick to shaving or waxing!

  3. Ive had chemical burns up to second degree if you feel any burning wash your hair/nether region immediately

    Also try using vaseline it helps to heal the burns

    Ive worn relaxers since seven im now natural

    Calcium thio-potassium thio is the same as lye

    It will burn and eat up your hair

  4. Totally had a relatable experience. I was putting it on and all was well until I was rubing it off and I noticed a burning sensation in my fingure. Once I looked closed I realized these tiny holes where being burnt into my figure tips and now I have these tiny holes on my finger tips. This stuff is awful. I will never use this product again. I did call chemical control to make sure I wasn’t going to lose my finger haha but all is well and they said it’s just a chemical burn and that aloe and time should do the trick. I’m hoping it heals quick.. Figures crosses.

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