Tips For Giving a Great Massage

A massage has many health benefits including improving circulation, relieving stress, and stimulating lymph flow to boost the immune system. When it comes to giving a massage there are many factors that can affect the quality of a massage.

Giving a great massage begins before the technique. Set the mood by making sure the temperature of the room is warm enough. You should dim the lights or light candles and put on some music at a low-level. Make sure the area where you choose to give the massage is clean and comfortable. The goal is to make the person feel as comfortable in the space as possible.

Next, is the choice of massage oils. It’s best to stick with natural, organic oils. Try sweet almond, apricot kernel, or jojoba oil. These oils will absorb into the skin leaving it smooth and silky. Add essential oils to achieve more out of your massage. What is the goal of the massage? Is it to calm, uplift, or stimulate sexual arousal? If this is a calming massage try lavender essential oil. If it is to uplift bergamot essential oil is an option. While ylang ylang, jasmine, and sandlewood function as aphrodisiacs. Theses are a few of the many essential oils out there. You may even blend essential oils to achieve multiple goals. For example, a lavender and ylang ylang blend will work as a calming aphrodisiac.

Lastly, comes the massage. If you want to improve your massage skills try watching some youtube videos. Here is a link to a simple-to-follow video that can help.

Another option is to look for classes that you can take in your area. Whichever you choose remember that practice makes perfect. Use all of these tips to give a great massage that your partner will surely be thankful for.


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